Cheap Hybrid Car from Toyota

Actually, Toyota is known as one of the biggest car manufacturer. They also produce many premium and top class cars. But, it’s different with their Yaris model. We never said that Yaris is low quality car. However, the cheap price of this car makes it as great choice, for you who want to have car… Read More »

The Hybrid Car from Mitsubishi

Nowadays, there are many car manufacturer make hybrid car. Even though it said as hybrid, the ability and performance can be compared equally with fuel engine car. For example, there is this car from Mitsubishi. It’s called Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Actually, this model is available in two versions, the diesel engine version and the hybrid.… Read More »

Top 3 Best SUV in 2016

Of course, current trend in SUV is rising significantly. There are top 3 best SUV in 2016 that you should consider when buying one. As you want practical vehicle that offers advanced features and tough capability for your family, you may want to narrow down the options only on reputable brand and model. Here is… Read More »

Easy Tricks to Clean Leather Car Seats

Taking care leather car seats would not be difficult when you know some tricks. As long you do not scratch or damage the leather, you can still make the seats look new and shinny. Here are the dos and don’ts to maintain leather seats in your car. Dos Vacuum them. It will be a good… Read More »

How to Clean the Fabric Car Seats

It can be right, fabric car seats are more difficult to maintain than the leather one. But, it does not mean you can keep your fabric car seats clean like new. There are some tricks for you: Use soft brush. You have to always consider soft brush, like shoe brush for the large surface and… Read More »

Things You Must Know About Automatic Cars’ Breaker

Some people find that we should consider automatic car for it is the most practical car. It is right when  we talk about the transmission. But, there are several facts about automatic car’s breaker that you should know. Check the breaker canvas more often. Different from manual car that comes with breaker engine, automatic car… Read More »

Easy Tricks to Keep Your Black Car Shinny

Black is indeed the elegant color for cars. It looks perfect and classy. However, it takes more effort to take care black cars. You don’t have to worry, there are some easy tricks to keep your black car shinny. Wash it in the morning or afternoon. If you want to wash the car, try to… Read More »

3 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Cars have been part of the world since some years ago. Some people would even spend a lot of money to get the most magnificent car. Do you want to get the most incredible cars? Here is the list of 3 most expensive cars in the world. Maybach Exelero ($8 million) In the first place… Read More »

Easy Ways to Check Radiator Water Supply

It seems to easy and everyone just how to check the radiator water at anytime. In fact, there are more things you have to pay attention while checking the radiator. There are some steps you need to follow: Check the level of the radiator water level. There is an indicator level on your radiator. You… Read More »

Nissan Juke RSnow for Your Winter Ride

Japan offers a great crossover car for anyone who want to cross the snow even the deep one in the winter. Nissan Juke Rsnow offers you a special solution for a winter ride. Don’t you just think about the common design of Nissan Juke. It comes with special design on its tire. How does it… Read More »