How to Maximize Your Car Gas Efficiency

Car gas efficiency becomes a major concern for recent drivers out there and you may start to consider it seriously. It will be nice to have a car with nice fuel efficiency, but if you don’t, you still have chance to maximize it. Here are several tips that you can use. Keep It Well Tuned… Read More »

SUV vs. MPV: What to Choose

When it comes to choose between SUV vs. MPV, it can be a tough decision to make. If you are planning in buying a new car, you may need to read the following insights to make the right decision. There are several things to understand and consider. Check this out. SUV Advantage and Disadvantage SUV… Read More »

Smart Automotive Industry

Automotive requires significant improvement in 2016. Global market provides a lot of chances for manufacturers to gain more opportunity in expanding their products. Based on 2015 record, the users has requested for more technology. The idea is to transform the automobile nowadays into more potential vehicles in the future. Many companies try to have higher… Read More »

Tesla Made Fastest Electric Car?

Most of people laugh when they heard about Tesla. They say their car is sluggish, slow and not cool at all. It’s true that this brand produce many electric cars. However, if you see their performance, they are still great car in their class. For example, there is Tesla Model S hatchback. First, if you… Read More »

2016 Standards for Best Automobile

The development of automotive technology makes the competition among manufacturers becomes more challenging. Automotive users always seek for the best automobile; therefore, they compare each of the cars carefully. However, nowadays, automotive users are no longer focus on the machine. The users are starting to seek automobile with high specification as well as services. For… Read More »

Highly Developed Car Technologies by 2020

Here is the list of car technologies which may you see in 2020 showroom. Autonomous Vehicle By 2020, we may see autonomous cars which can drive everywhere without human error. We will have cars which can be driven by them. Just think about how to control cruise and it happens to cars. Driver Override Systems… Read More »

Trends in Automotive Industry

Industry in automotive becomes more exciting from year to year. However, not only the sales are growing up but also some trends affect the automotive. Safety First This must be one of the most important trends in this industry. People focus more on the safety. Many customers ask for this many times. The auto company… Read More »

Cheap Hybrid Car from Toyota

Actually, Toyota is known as one of the biggest car manufacturer. They also produce many premium and top class cars. But, it’s different with their Yaris model. We never said that Yaris is low quality car. However, the cheap price of this car makes it as great choice, for you who want to have car… Read More »

The Hybrid Car from Mitsubishi

Nowadays, there are many car manufacturer make hybrid car. Even though it said as hybrid, the ability and performance can be compared equally with fuel engine car. For example, there is this car from Mitsubishi. It’s called Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Actually, this model is available in two versions, the diesel engine version and the hybrid.… Read More »

Top 3 Best SUV in 2016

Of course, current trend in SUV is rising significantly. There are top 3 best SUV in 2016 that you should consider when buying one. As you want practical vehicle that offers advanced features and tough capability for your family, you may want to narrow down the options only on reputable brand and model. Here is… Read More »